Wellness Injectables

(Only available in New York)

We now offer Vitamin Injections to help boost your everyday life!

Wellness injections have many uses depending on specific needs. The most common use is to help promote health, energy, increase metabolism, weight loss, liver health, anti-oxidant effects, and mood enhancement, it also assists with decreasing cholesterol, and appetite control.

B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Vitamin B12 is administered intramuscularly. It is recommend to have a dose every 3 months to maintain levels.

Here’s some more of the benefits:

• Healthier skin +nails

• Improves mood

• Supports bone health

• Helps formation of red blood cells

Please note: It is not recommended to have B12 boosters if you have kidney problems or are pregnant / breastfeeding.

B12 (Methylcobalamin) 30ml


Reach your weight loss goals with Lipo-Mino Mix nutrient injection from Olympia Pharmacy! It contains a lipotropic blend to help turn fats, carbohydrates, and sugars, into energy and B-vitamins to help further facilitate fat loss. It also helps decrease your appetite and increase metabolism. The carnitine in this injection will help reduce recovery time and promote muscle growth.

Lipo-Mino Mix Nutrient

Tri-Immune Boost

This is a triple defense immunity formula, a combination of potent antioxidants and essential mineral that supports the body’s immune response.

​It is a high concentration blend of immune system boosting essentials, an ULTIMATE IMMUNE SYSTEM ENHANCER!

The formula consists of :

1. Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant and an amino acid which protects host cells through its antioxidant mechanism and it provides optimal functioning of lymphocytes.

2. Zinc Sulfate: An essential mineral with a role in the development and function of many immune responses, help combat infections and aid in wound healing.

3. Ascorbic Acid: A strong antioxidant that supports various cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system.

Tri-Immune Boost

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