Remember… Self care isn’t selfish!

Join our Beauty Bucks Membership and receive exclusive pricing on laser, injectables, and products to keep you glowing year round!


Facial Aesthetics Credit

Per Month

Botox: $10.50 per unit

Filler: $75 off (per syringe)

Services & Packages: 15% off

Retail Products: 15% off

Bank your money for a larger treatment or spend it each month! Either way, the Beauty Bucks Membership is for those who are committed to self care!

Note: There is a $69 one time fee that doesn’t apply to the credits

Beauty Bucks Membership Details

Beauty Bucks Membership FAQs

How does your membership work?

You simply pay the monthly payment of $149/month. That monthly fee can be used to go towards products and services we provide here in the spa. For example, you can put that membership fee amount towards the facial included in your membership each month or you can bank it and start your Inspired Beauties savings account to go towards other products and services we offer.

What if I want to apply it towards multiple services?

You can absolutely do that! Let’s say you have saved $1000 in your Inspired Beauties bank, and you want to get filler and Botox. You can apply that $1000 towards both of those services at your discounted rate.

Do my credits ever expire?

Your credits won’t expire until the term of your contract.

Can my friends or family use my membership?

Each membership is customized to each client’s needs. Memberships can only be used by the person who is enrolled. If your friends or family are interested, have them give us a call or stop by! We’d love to get them started on their own Inspired Beauties journey and reap the benefits!

What if I want to cancel my membership?

Our membership is a 6-month commitment. Once those 6 months have passed you have the option to renew. If you choose not to renew, we’d love to hear from you why you chose not to renew and your feedback on how we can improve!

What if I have an emergency and need to cancel?

For emergency circumstances please call us at 315-807-1282 so we can speak further. We do require written documentation for urgent situations that prompt you towards cancellation. Cancellation requests are approved or denied at Inspired Beauty Med Spa’s discretion.